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How to find us

Schubertstraße 59 (entrance to greenhouses and outdoor area)

Holteigasse 6 (entrance to outdoor area only)

Coming from the city or from the central railway station, you can easily reach the Botanical Garden by tram line number 1 (towards Mariatrost), getting off at the stop "Hilmteich". On-street parking is available all around. The parking tax applies only on weekdays (Green Zone, € 0.80 per hour), parking at the weekends is free.


Online-city-map / Google-Map

Geographical coordinates

Latitude: 47°05' N

Longitude: 15°27' E

See level: 365 m


Climate data (Station: Graz University):

Minimum temperature: -23,7° C (February 1929 )

Maximum temperature: 37,1° C (July 1950 )

Lowest average daily temperature: -18,8° C (January 1907)

Highest average daily temperature: 28,5° C (July 1957 )

Average temperature per year: 9,0° C (1901-1980)

Average annual precipitation 1901-1980: 865 mm (1901-1980)

Average duration of snow-layer: 43 days (1971-1980)

Opening hours

Outdoor area (entrance Holteigasse and Schubertstraße):


15th of May to 15th of September: 08:00-16:30


Greenhouses (entrance Schubertstraße):


open throughout the year except 24th of December to 6th of January


Entry to the garden and the greenhouses is free.

Guided tours

through the Garden and the Greenhouses will be organised by the Society of the Friends of the Botanical Garden Graz.

Please contact: Eva Chatzatoglou: +43664/ 888 41838


Contribution: 5 € for Adults (children over 6 years 3 €)

Index seminum

The Botanical Garden Graz publishes an annual List for international seed exchange for scientific purposes. The current list is available for download.

Society of the Friends of the Botanical Garden Graz

The society organises volunteer services, guided tours and events around the Botanical Garden and the topic "plants". The current program is available for download.


Membership in the Society of the Friends of the Botanical Garden Graz provides you by an annual fee of 13.00 Euro full information and free entrance to all events around the Botanical Garden. Please contact:

Society of the Friends of the Botanical Garden Graz

Holteigasse 6 A-8010 Graz


President of the society: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Kenner thomas.kenner@meduni-graz.at

Assistants: Jonathan Wilfling B. Sc. (jonathan.wilfling@uni-graz.at)

Dr. Ursula Brosch: ++43-316-380-5662 (ursula.brosch@uni-graz.at)

Wissenschaftliche Gartenleitung, Dr.

Christian Berg

Telefon:+43 316 380 - 5747

Technische Gartenleitung

Jonathan Wilfling

Telefon:+43 316 380 - 5651

Botanischer Garten / Gewächshäuser

Schubertstraße 59, 8010 Graz

Telefon:+43 316 380 - 8819

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